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Alix with Oma 32119

with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Audible Alarm
Alix and Oma
Alix and Oma+

Alix™ with Oma™

At LEVANA®, we know how tempting it is to check on your baby over and over again - just in case. Introducing Alix™ Digital Audio Baby Monitor and Oma™(formerly Snuza™ go!), the portable, battery-powered movement monitor that can easily be used everywhere you and your baby go . Hear everything with Alix™ Baby audio monitor and, when you’re not listening, Oma™ immediately alerts if your baby has stopped moving. Alix™ and Oma™ work together to provide total peace of mind.

Alix™ Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Rechargeable Battery

Simply place the parent unit onto the charging base which uses an energy efficient power adapter, and enjoy over 8 hours of continuous audio. 

Digital Wireless ClearVu® Technology

Feel free to take the monitor with you around the house and even outside! 
Alix Audio Baby Monitor
Alix Audio Baby Monitor
Alix 1000ft range portable monitoring
Convenient portable monitoring. Signal remains strong up to 1000 ft away.

Convenient Portable Monitoring

This compact system is easy to take with you, wherever you go. Whether you are at home, on vacation or visiting friends and relatives, you’ll always know that your little one is safe.

1000 ft Range

Levana’s Digital Technology ensures that you will always hear clearly and that the signal remains strong up to 1000 feet away.


Out of Range Warning

An audible alert will let you know if your unit is too far from the baby’s and connectivity has been lost.

Integrated Belt Clip

The integrated belt clip on the parent unit is both durable and functional and adapts to your monitoring needs.  Carry it with you around the house or mount it on the wall while making dinner. 
Alix bedroom application
Alix shown in babies room.

Oma™ (O-ma)    

Meaning : Grandmother


Sensor Detects the Slightest Movement

Oma™ clips snugly onto baby’s diaper and senses baby’s tiniest movements with a soft, flexible sensor at the belly button area.  Because your baby is in constant contact with the sensor, it is unlikely to give a false alarm, unlike an under-the-mattress monitor. Knowing you will only be alerted if the situation is critical will help you feel more at ease during baby’s deepest sleep.   

Alerts You By Beeping if Complete Stillness is Detected

If the sensor detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness, the Oma™ monitor will beep loudly to alert you that your attention is required immediately*.

Optional Weak or Infrequent Movement Alerts

Oma™ can also be set to detect weak and irregular movements. If abdominal movement is occurring less than 8 times per minute the movement indicator light will flash orange and a different warning tone will sound. This feature is enabled by default but can easily be disabled
Oma completely portable
Oma completely portable

Completely Portable

No need to disassemble and reassemble a movement monitoring system every time you head to the grandparents’ house. Oma™ movement monitor is compact and battery powered, so you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, because  there are no wires, Oma™ is safe for use in Moses baskets, bassinettes and playpens. 

Strangulation Hazard:Children can become entangled in cords. Power cords should be kept more than 3 feet away from the crib and baby’s reach at all times. Baby monitors/cameras with power cords should never be hung on or near the crib. This product is not a toy. 

Optimum range is 200 feet when signal is passing through walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) may cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disruption. Maximum transmission range is 1000 feet.

Battery life of 8 hours based on full duration testing. Battery life may vary depending on usage.

This product contains small parts. Exercise care when unpacking and assembling the product.

Only use movement monitor when baby is in a motionless bed/cot. Do not use in car seat, stroller, swing or other mobile carrier as motion negates the functionality of the monitor.

This product is a baby care aid, not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or monitoring of a disease, injury or handicap including SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This product does not replace responsible adult supervision. Check on your child at regular intervals and ensure that the battery is full. Product may not be exactly as shown.

This product cannot replace responsible adult supervision. Check your child’s safety at regular intervals and make sure your monitor is always adequately charged.
We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.
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